Halloween starts out as a very bad day for sixteen-year-old Eddie Jean Franklin. A worldwide catastrophe looms, and if that’s not enough, her mother develops a sudden blood hunger. Worse, she finds out her hometown sits over a hellhole belching a deadly viral outbreak. She can deal withdisaster, but betrayal nearly kills her after she’s infected to make a cure.

Wilbur Jenkins, an English lit student, works as a live-in orderly. His comatose patient infects the minds of her caregivers until they’re forced to make a terrifying choice. Kill their patient or face death one screaming night at a time.

EJ and Wilbur aren’t alone. When they all face the unbelievable, they’ll have allies at their side. Or maybe not.

via Amazon.com: Swarmers (The Cloudland Series) eBook: R.V. Doon: Kindle Store.


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