I then begin to reacquaint myself with the joys of the Scrivener corkboard and, as with every other feature of Scrivener, I finally get it. I keep discovering as I develop as a writer that as soon as I work out a great way to do something in the future, Scrivener has the perfect feature for it. Perhaps I should use everything in Scrivener and fast track the learning process, but this won’t work because Scrivener cleverly manages to give you the perfect tools however you want to use it.

So, anyway, I will now share the wisdom of using the Scrivener corkboard.

  • It is obviously used for a high-level overview
  • It is best used to map out chapters, or pieces of action, much like your book probably will be
  • You can have multiple corkboards per novel, so you can use them for character development, etc. Having a corkboard per character and dragging in the chapters they’re in to build up a picture is a great overview
  • Similarly you can do this for various plot lines
  • If you’re a planner then you can whittle off a load of future chapters with a description of what is going to happen in each one. This will then build up the correct structure in your manuscript.
  • If you’re a seat-of-the-pants type of guy then you can annotate what has happened in each scene so that you can move it all around at the end once the pace has taken shape.
  • Change the size of the cards so you can see more of them on your screen. Get the whole book on there.
  • Split the screen and get two different corkboards up at the same time.
  • If cork reminds you of wine too much then change the background. You can even put a relevant image of your book there.
  • In fact, you can even put images on your cards.

Read more at  How To Get The Most Out Of The Scrivener Corkboard | Michael J Holley – Writer.


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