1. Share the books you love, but be honest. If the action stalls in the center say so, if one of the main characters is wooden say so, if the ending was somewhat disappointing say so. Readers want to know.

2.Give a brief summary of the book in the opening but move into the heart and soul of the book. The heart and soul is the part of the book that you loved; a specific character, the tight plot, the heart pounding suspense, and the twisty ending you didn’t see coming. Write what you would have liked to have seen written before you bought the book.

3.A brief explanation of why you recommend buying the book or why you wouldn’t buy the book. “This medical thriller is unique, it’s riveting from beginning to ending, and when it does end, you’ll cry because the adventure is over.”  “This book opening is so slow I fell asleep on the treadmill and broke my leg.” The key is to write the lead sentence with impact. Warn readers this book ends as the first in a series, but the book stands on its own, if it’s not mentioned in the book blurb.

4. Why review a book you didn’t finish? If you must, go straight to number 3 and state your case. Don’t fancy it up with a brief summary-you hated it right? Stick to step three. “If you want a thriller and not a bed time Hot Toddy, don’t buy this book.”

5. Drop the 1 and the 5 from the rating system from all books except the one you hated beyond description, or the one you’ve discovered is the best book ever written.

6. Most readers scan the book reviews and pass over the long ones that look like book reports. Don’t waste your time on hitting a thousand words. Aim for 250-300 if the point of your review is to help another reader buy a book.

Read more at Writing an Amazon Book Review | Author R.V. Doon’s Blog.


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