I’m a pessimist at heart. Frankly, my pessimism has saved me many times. It’s been said, “A pessimist is never disappointed.” Which could explain why I rarely get down or disappointed about my writing career. You see,

  • despite the slog
  • despite some bad reviews
  • despite not being re-contracted by my first publisher
  • despite not being a marketing expert
  • despite having to do the bulk of my own marketing
  • despite not cracking the royalty threshold on my published novels
  • despite having to keep my full-time job, write whenever I possibly can (which usually means 4 AM and lunchbreak), and feeling constantly crunched for time

despite all these difficulties — I rarely despair, get moody, or vow to bail on writing.

And a lot of this comes down to “author expectations.”

I keep mine very low.

Please, don’t mistake my low expectations for mediocrity, a concession to poor sales, disregard for conventional wisdom, low self-esteem, or a defeatist attitude. In a way, it’s a survival skill. I’ve seen too many authors crash and burn because they had unrealistic expectations.

Read more at Are Unrealistic Expectations Killing Your Writing Career?.


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